• Supply of Motorized & Non-Motorized Parts. Specialized in supplying forklift parts & most personalized services.

About Us

About Us

GMH RESOURCES SDN BHD (formerly know as’GENEO MATERIAL HANDLING SDN BHD’) was established in 2003 as a trading company specialized in supplying motorized and non-motorized parts. We aim to be the forefront of providing forklift parts and most personalized services to our domestic and international customers.

In line with the new business strategy, we had doing well in introducing and promoting ground material handling products through the exhibition in the internal and external markets. GMH Resources Sdn Bhd is a responsive company, and places great emphasis on giving solution to customers on technical support and spare-parts knowledge. We thrive on quality and excellence in all our products and provide services of repairing that able to negate any technical complications.

For ensuring GMH Resources Sdn Bhd is always in the highest priority, we go to great lengths developing and maintain long term business relationships with our customers. We always contribute new market information to all our customers and look into the future needs of our customers. From presale to implementation and beyond, we are committed in providing excellent customer care and solution.